Covid 19: Importance of Digital Marketing Campaign

With the pandemic impacting every industry across the planet, save for the IT companies who have long flaunted the idea of cloud service, there has been a quiet resurgence of the importance of going digital.

We are surrounded by the aura of everything digital – from digital entertainment, shopping to digital business amidst social distancing and quarantine. Hence, sticking to the traditional forms of marketing like flyers and newspaper ads will no longer help you sustain in this highly competitive industry.

The Internet is an exclusive place to be. It has so much to offer to businesses: scope to grow, a foundation, a handsome amount of audiences and exposure. Opting for a digital marketing campaign is a boon to every business today.

In this blog, I am going to discuss with you a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to follow for your business. Implementing this can help you get customers and promote brand awareness.

Before I pull you into the steps, how-to, why, it is important to have a focus on what you do for your business. This digital marketing campaign focuses on maximizing brand value, promote growth, generate leads and conversions. All the essentials in a package to top the search engine results.

There are certain questions you must have in your mind and be able to answer them. So, let us begin…

What is your target market for your digital marketing campaign?

Following and keeping a check on your competitors is fine, but you must have a demographic to serve. It is important to research and be able to filter and define your target market. The market is huge, to be honest, and trying to target it all can go downhill. It is beneficial to have a niche in your market to predominate while you run the campaign.

If you own a website already, using Google Analytics and Search Console will give an overview of your market demographics and help analyze the customer trends. Also, you can hire an affordable digital marketing expert to understand the tracking tolls and build your campaign

Who are your target customers for your digital marketing campaign?

When you decipher your target market, you must observe who the ideal customers are and how you can attract them. Have you ever come across the term ‘buyer persona’?

Well, buyer personas are customer profiles with comprehensive detail. It includes age, sex, income, likes, dislikes and living conditions. These help you learn their online behavior and funnel out suitable customers.

If you have been active in Facebook and a regular tracker of Insights, you can get an idea what posts are garnering maximum attention and what are the type of audience who engage with your posts.

Setting up a Facebook campaign helps you structure your reach, filtering age groups and gender, schedule and other details based on your target buyer persona. This can be a long process and is dependent on your budget, which brings us to the next question.

What is your budget for your digital marketing campaign??

The most underrated question often overlooked is the budget. Every business must have a clarified budget that can be spent on digital marketing. I suggest you take time on this point and set up a realistic budget you would earmark for the campaign.

If you are using PPC, run different campaigns with different set of long tail keywords or low hanging fruit and then track which of these gather more clicks.

Amid the present pandemic, people are looking for discounts and offers to tide over the crisis. With my experience as a digital marketer, I believe giving special discounts and experimenting with different keywords is the cheapest form of advertisement.

Perhaps you need an affordable PPC expert for smart distribution of money as well as to run lucrative digital campaigns.

Covid 19 Importance Of Digital Marketing Campaign

Which channel to choose for your business?

Digital Marketing, though a single term, is a package that includes a lot many channels: Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, SEO, and more. The key is to select the right channel and utilize it to drive in organic traffic.

It is important to understand, there is no such thing as ‘this channel is best’. Combined work using all the above strategies will give maximum results out of your investment.

If you hire a marketing agency or a freelance digital marketer, let them know your goals. They will provide you with a strategy that best suits your business.

These are some of the important channels and here’s how they work:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

When discussing digital marketing, SEO is something that cannot be missed. The function of it is to optimize your website, and blogs and rank them higher in the search engines.

To start with SEO, you first need to address the technical part of on-page SEO, you need a freelance web developer who also knows the essentials of search engine optimization and content marketing to do the trick.

Following this, is identifying relevant keywords based on your business. Researching for keywords is essential as it helps you understand what phrases your customers are using to identify your product or services.

There are several tools for keyword research like Ahrefs, Semrush or UberSuggest. Look for the most popular keyword and keep an eye on the keywords of your competitors.

Choose keywords with high search volume and low keyword difficulty and plan out your content based on it. You must utilize the keywords in your title, Meta description, headings, and the body to achieve good ranking.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media holds two strategies for marketing – building a brand image for the business and promoting your products or services through ads. We all know the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

For social media marketing, the first objective is to generate posts for your targeted audience. The posts must be attractive enough for them to connect and follow up with your brand. An easy way to engage them is by building conversations and resolving their queries.

Social media is a great place to build brand intimacy with customers and develop a reputation.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest marketing strategy and the most effective way to drive traffic if done rightly.

If you already have an email list, you are secured to proceed with email marketing. However, at this hour of Covid 19, it is prudent to send empathizing mails that gives hope and brings cheer to your customers.

If you are in industry dealing with essential goods, it is better to send daily deals and build engagement which will go a long way in branding.     

Do not ignore the aesthetics, attractive design has great impact on customers. You can spice it up with quizzes, personalized messages, and prizes.

With technology advancing each day, you no longer require sending manually written mails. You can make use of automated applications with tracking tools; all you must do is set up a template email.

These emails work as a timely reminder of your brand and new product updates.

  • Remarketing

Remarketing refers to retargeting the audiences you might have missed out or have not reached the purchase point of the sales funnel. It happens quite often, customers surf through your products and services but leave without purchasing.

Setting up AI chat box will help the customers reach you with their queries. This also reassures them better service quality.

You might have noticed; you were looking at a particular product in Amazon. Instead of making a purchase, you left and switched to Facebook. Suddenly, an advertisement pops up in your Facebook feed with that same product. Well, this is ‘remarketing’.

Advertising mediums like Google Adwords, social media, In-apps are effective in retargeting audiences otherwise left.

  • Blogging

The significance of blogging is an undeniable approach to digital marketing. And when it comes to blogs, content is the key. Blogging helps in optimization and link building by using the right keywords. Blog is also useful in engaging customers and making them regular visitors.

The blogs you deliver must be informative enough to resolve customer queries. Adding customer stories also increases brand intimacy.

Content marketing keeps your traffic flowing. If a visitor likes the information you share, he or she is likely to share it in their media page which is the best form of “word of mouth marketing”.

When planning to build a success-focused digital marketing campaign, all these steps come into combined play. Buyers often follow a “sightseeing” view, collecting reviews and product information from various channels before deciding upon it.

It is vital to have a powerful presence in various channels like video sites, social sites, magazine sites, press releases, forums so that you can counter all their queries and better your chances for converting the visitors into customers.

You can consult a freelance digital marketing expert for help or can do it all by yourself as discussed.


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