How to Personalize your Marketing during Coronavirus?

With the world reeling under the surge of the pandemic, many industries have been adversely hit, save the IT industry. The economic repercussion is massive, and it will take time to get back there. With self-distancing and isolation becoming the norm this season and news of similar period of lockdown will be enforced in the coming years, you may be looking for ways to help your business survive this wave and stay afloat.

Statistics show how digitization is empowering small business companies and if you have not worked on your online presence recently, now is the ideal time to personalize your business and step up your resources for digital branding and ace on your USP.

Step up ROI with personalization tricks in this slowdown

So, here are the few things you can consider doing to your business while the Coronavirus is at large:

1. Connect with High-Value Content in Social Media

Whether tested positive or not, we all are staying in the safety of our homes. People are utilizing most of the time online, surfing the web or social media. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with the audience through social posts.

  • Start Blogging

It need not be push marketing when there is so much suffering and uncertainty. If your site does not have a blog section, this is the most crucial time to build one. Your media posts should be linked to helpful content rather than products and services. Your knowledge-base is key to your branding and marketing strategies.

  • Start Video Marketing

Connecting with your audiences through smart, helpful, and engaging content, based on the location, demographics will keep them involved, even though they are not receiving services or products. You can power your digital goals with personalized videos to step up brand intimacy. Remember, these videos should also be loaded on your website and not in third party sites.

Also, if your business involves essential amenities, like groceries and medicine, make sure to help the community in times like this. Informative posts about, new cuisine, supplements, household cleaning tricks, medical devices, conditions, and new breakthroughs will give them hope as well as help in building your brand.

How To Personalize Your Marketing During Coronavirus 1

2. Super targeted long tail keywords to drive traffic

Anything online and entertaining will grab more attention. Having a good digital presence is fine, but it is of little use if your website cannot be found in the search results.

Google and other search engines update their algorithms regularly. To be found by the audience, your website must keep up with the latest SEO trends which is more about adhering to SEO principles.

  • Guest Posting

Work on your SEO expertise, there are many free SEO tutorials and videos on link building techniques, however, without good content, you can end up increasing the spam score of your site. Experienced content marketers know how to deliver rank-worthy content and implement long tail keywords using Keyword Planner. You can write guest post on magazine sites, industry new sites and bloggers connected with the industry to share your content and build links to your site.

  • Forum Posting

Participating in industry specific forums is a great way to understand the queries of your customers and addressing them as a company owner, helps in building brand intimacy. Powerful links from these sites with powerful web content has the potential to push your site to the first few positions based on keywords.

Even though the pandemic has created interruption in lifestyle, however, it has not blown your business acumen skills. This crisis will end, and businesses will get back to normal. As SEO is a long-term strategy, it will protect your site from the bounce back surge.

Also, keep Local SEO in mind. People are no longer traveling but are checking nearby supplies. Make sure your business is optimized to be found in ‘near me’ searches.

3. Personalize to reach customers during coronavirus

Always remember, your competitors are planning as well, your goal would be – to stand out.

While you have time to rework on your marketing strategies, hit the personalization button when curating content, mailing list and social media posts. Get the AI chat box on the site and social sites and program it with thoughtful queries and answers so that visitors can find personal help when you are not at the desk.

  • Personalize Email Marketing

Modify your newsletters as well, keep them brief and simple. Keep the connections with your audiences stronger than ever. Make them realize, you are in the disaster as well and we can all stick together.

Keep the newsletter’s content meaningful and positive like how to stay positive and how to be more productive while at home.

4. Targeted ads using Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Now is a great time to increase Pay per Click Advertising to gain a competitive advantage. More and more people have eyes on the internet. Your ads are likely to appear before relevant audience.

Of course, certain businesses are in no position to offer services. However, for other firms, this is the ideal opportunity to skyrocket sales through PPC advertisements.

For instance, several people are working from homes. Useful software and office items hiked to advance the work environment are in demand. According to news channels, the product list with the most sales this March 2020 has ‘laptop desks’ in it.

5. Provide Special Offers

While you market your goods and services through PPC advertisements and social platforms, ensure special discounts. This gives a sense of support to the audience base and keeps your revenue flowing.

In this time of crisis, people are looking for ways to save money, offering generous amounts of discount is a great way to engage the audience and boost conversion rates.

6. Build New Personal Conversations

While you cannot help them with services, make sure to keep them happy. Get creative, start random conversations with your audiences on different platforms. This will help develop brand awareness.

  • Create a discussion forum. Pick up interesting topics in your niche and listen to what your audiences have to say. Exchange ideas that can add value to your business.
  • Create contests, like quizzes and questions to keep them engaged. The one to give the right answer receives a gift delivered to their home.
  • Share interesting information about your brand. When it started, how it started. Have a live talk session on social media.

When you talk in an unfiltered manner with your audiences, you build trust and loyalty in the long run.

7. Monitor your progress

Make use of the tracking tool to acknowledge how your strategies are working. This will help you understand the real-time insight of your efforts.

Social media tracking and digital monitoring help you understand bounce rate. You get a proper understanding of whether your content is engaging or not and what improvements are needed.

A monitoring tool like ahrefs, Facebook Insights and the Google Analytics allow you to decipher customer behavior and preferences. And helps build better marketing strategies. However, you need to master these tools to interpret wisely.

Finally, now that you have a lot of time in hand, educate yourself. Sharpen your marketing skills and make plans on how to boost your conversion rate and what-to-do and to avoid in SEO. Build a fresh digital marketing strategy for the upcoming better days.

And above all, do not lose hope. Do not let Coronavirus make you feel skeptical about the future and if you need affordable digital marketing services, get in touch with me. I will help with strategies to bring more traffic and more revenue for your website.


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