Content Marketing

The very definition of ‘Content Marketing‘ explains that it is the technique of both acquiring and attracting a well-defined set of the target audience with the use of relevant and valuable content. This is an effective marketing strategy and hence aims at drawing a profitable customer base. To elucidate ‘content marketing’ one needs to dive in straight to the set of strategies that a content marketer needs to use in order to create the customer build-up.

The important content marketing strategies:

Content Marketing

Create the most appropriate and relevant content

Your content necessarily needs to cater to the right set of people and the correct category of problems. The problem, its solution, how your product aids in that process and the USP of your product are some of the ingredients that your content necessarily needs to highlight. If it does not, then all your content marketing efforts would run in vain.

Content is created for the audience. The best way to do that is to fit in the latest marketing strategies that you have collected in your knowledge base into your content. Familiarity with updated marketing strategies, therefore, plays an important role.

Another important aspect is that your content should have a shelf life, that is, the information that it conveys should be relevant and significant for over a long period of time. This often keeps you at the top of the SERP even if you had posted it 6 months back!

Try implementing content development techniques

HubSpot puts together some unique techniques – the use of which automatically upgrades the value and intent of your content. Some of the latest content marketing formats include the use of:

  • Infographics
  • Charts, graphs, and other illustrations
  • FAQs or the Q & A session
  • Webinar, Interviews, Press releases
  • Opinion posts or comments section
  • Quotes and quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Company news
  • Polling options
  • Email newsletters and so on

So, there are a plethora of options that you can choose from. Applying the right strategy particularly implies that you know which one to apply and when. Content development becomes a successful event only when the tactics you apply earns you an extra amount of revenue!

You can go for repurposing content

Content is not always a plainly written blog or the matter that is being highlighted on your website page. It could be much more than that. Repurposing content is using the same content for purposes like creating a video, a webinar, an infographic, a slide presentation or simply a social media post or a series of tweets. That’s the wide and colorful range of content types that you can create using your original content resource.

Make use of the latest content marketing tools

Tools such as the Google Keyword Planner helps in getting the list of keywords that you need to target to rank in the SERPs. This reduces the stress of hunting for the content topic as well as target keywords that the Google crawler would come and hit upon after a search has been requested by the reader.

Creating readable content is important

Suppose the title of your content is attractive enough to draw in a good amount of readers or customers. However, if the matter within is not properly formatted, the individual might swathe away from the content without showing any interest in it. Content Formatting involves highlighting keywords, segmenting the content into short paragraphs, using images, charts as well as bullets to illustrate the points and so on.

Do some effective SEO for your content

Content creation is aimed at bringing traffic to your content. This is the job of Search Engine Optimization. It uses different tools and strategies for the said purpose. Modern SEO techniques include social media optimization, local SEO (that feeds the ‘near me’ searches), link building (backlinks serve as a good ranking factor as long as the links are healthy enough), content with proper meta descriptions and last but not the least – a voluminous content that has a healthy wordcount. Wordcount is important because Google considers them to have in-depth information. Moreover, they are more engaging and increases the chances of readers sharing it!

To cut a long story short, content marketing is a big thing that continues to get updated additions day by day. It is however challenging as the techniques need to be tested; testing is done through implementation as well as detailed analysis of the strategies that have been applied.