Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a popular term these days. The concept of Search Engine Optimization has given ‘marketing’ a new edge. The business world has, therefore, embraced it dearly and the reason is – SEO successfully helps in raising both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results. Through increased traffic as well as conversion rates, businesses get an opportunity of making high profits.

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Here is a little heads up to our understanding of SEO.While an individual is typing a keyword in the search engine box, say Google, the latter has a crawler that goes about collecting information involving all the related content that can be found on the internet. The crawler then brings all this information (the 1s and 0s) back to the search engine to build an index. This index feeds through an algorithm to match the data of your query.

So, when the information is fed through the algorithm, how is it ensured that the name of your business appears on the top or among the topmost ones? That’s the job of a search engine optimizer or a SEO consultant. Here are some of essential on-page SEO to be followed once you have created a great website are:

  • Before going live, an appropriate URL for the website needs to be selected. The URL should look clear and clean (free of special characters, page IDs and so on). An ideal domain name necessarily contains the name of your business, and a keyword or two. That’s it. Do not overcrowd it with unnecessary elements.
  • The titles and descriptions should be appropriately written. The title is the text that appears once you take the mouse on a particular tab. The description is required by the search engines; it is not visible though. Remember the crawler needs to find you while someone has searched a keyword? The description helps the crawler do its job.
  • Add Anchor Text to your content. It helps the reader directly arrive upon the text that accurately and relevantly matches his search.
  • The next step is ‘Link Building’. This one’s a large segment of SEO. It is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. In short, hyperlinks are tools to navigate between pages and the crawler depends upon these links to crawl the web. You can now guess how important backlinks are!

The above-discussed points are however the ins and outs of basic SEO. The optimization techniques are ever-changing, and one needs to remain updated with them. With the basic techniques already applied, you need to move on to the advanced SEO techniques which should be an ongoing task and not a once in a blue moon scenario and this is where you need a freelance SEO consultant not only to attain your good SERP but also to sustain it.

Advanved Seo Techniques

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Suppose that a business ranks #1 on the SERP. Does that ensure that a potential customer clicks on your link that has appeared on the result page? Certainly not. The rate at which visitors click on your page is termed as the click-through-rate (CTR). The CTR, in turn, depends upon two primary factors:

  • The title tag, and
  • Meta description

The title tag is the title that appears on the SERP of Google after an individual has searched a relevant keyword. The meta is the short description (about your page) that also appears on the SERP. It lies just below the title tag and the reader gets an overview of your page from that meta description. A meta description ideally has the primary keyword highlighted.

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Search Engine Optimization

This is best done with internal links and backlinks from other pages. Internal links (usually the blue colored clickable words) influence Google rankings heavily. Backlinks are links that draw traffic from other websites to that of your own. To begin with, you need to find out the under performing pages at first. With the set of keywords (in which you want to rank) at hand, place it in an online keyword tracker. It effectively reveals the keyword rank in your target country!

Today, there is an endless list of advanced SEO techniques. Practical experience, exposure to various issues and a continuous effort to master the updated tools and techniques, assuredly gives an edge over many other SEO companies in the industry.