WordPress Development

Approximately 30% of all the websites on the internet today, have been developed on WordPress. WordPress, therefore, dominates the website arena substantially and the predomination is expected to grow soon. A rewarding career and a satisfying job, WordPress development is being adopted by a large segment of aspiring professionals today. The reason behind the high-end popularity of WordPress in the website development arena can be attributed to:

  • Numerous choices of plugins
  • Thousands of templates to choose from in order to create a simple interface
  • The option of previewing themes without activating them (getting them placed on the website!)
  • It comes with basic image editing options

The role of a WordPress developer

Freelance WordPress Developer

A skilled developer necessarily needs to know some languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. Elucidation of these languages will reveal that you do not really need to know all these equally well. They serve similar purposes. But an overall concept of at least a few of them will inevitably allow you to market yourself, impress yourself and get more projects at your end. The languages in a brief are:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language:

HTML is a basic language that is easy to master. For instance, the HTML code for the title of a page is:

<title>WordPress Development</title>

This code will set the title of the page as ‘WordPress Development’. Thus, HTML codes are markup codes that simply determine the final display of different elements of a webpage.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets):

After HTML helps build the foundation of a webpage, CSS helps in determining how they look! So, elements that CSS control include – font types, font color, other click effects, page layouts and so on.

  • PHP (Personal Home Page):

Quite unlike the naming, this language applies to any part of the website and not only the Home Page. So, you might say that it’s kind of misleading! From accessing databases to auto-generating files, PHP could serve a lot of functions for a WordPress developer.

  • MySQL:

This one is mainly an RDBMS (relational database management system). Precisely, a database management system is used to structure a collection of data; it could be a simple picture gallery to employee information setup of a company! The system is specifically required to add, access and process data that is stored on the computer. A developer needs to have the knowhow on such RDBMS because SQL interfaces are present in all the upcoming technology platforms like Mongo, Hadoop and so on.

Why choose WordPress over other CMS?

Wordpress Development

Are you familiar with WordPress as simply a blogging site? Well, it’s a great CMS (content management system) too. For any business, and especially if it’s a startup, WP makes a great choice, primarily for two reasons:

  1. It is free: WordPress is available free online. That allows you to invest your extra cash in customer services and product quality as well.
  2. This CMS is very user-friendly: Any staff member of the business can manage both the building and maintenance of the company website on WordPress. He or she does not necessarily require having any HTML or other technical knowledge.
  3. You can customize it anyhow: The business owner himself can make changes concerning any aspect of the website. You can even preview themes without the main website undergoing any change! Plus, there are 10,000+ free plugins

WordPress is fun and more so when you don’t find any difficulty in handling your own website. It’s interesting for users from the non-technical background and you tend to stick to it because, being SEO-friendly, it efficiently sells!

Here’s how I can help

Wordpress Developer

I am a certified professional with an experience of about two decades almost! This makes me well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of today’s IT industry – it’s upcoming trends and requirements. The services that I provide my clients with include:

  • Developing the website perfectly per the client’s needs
  • Customizing the site that is relatable to the categories it is built to serve
  • Optimize the website to reach the targeted position in the SERP
  • Using SEO content as well as optimal digital marketing strategies to give the best marketing exposure

Additionally, post site building, I thrive to provide support for ongoing maintenance and enhancement too. A transparent methodology both while discussing and conducting business and the ability to meet deadlines are two of my strengths that clients harp upon. You can surf through the testimonials and go through my blogs before deciding upon availing my services.