Affordable eCommerce Website with WordPress

With lock down and physical isolation being the new normal, the world has awakened to the importance of digitization.  Save the online businesses, every physical store and service has been economically hit. It has become necessary to build an online presence to reach your audience and this can be achieved with a powerful, optimized website to showcase your business and WordPress offers low cost eCommerce website design and development.

Why hire freelance web designer over a company?

With a freelancer, you pay only for the service, based on hourly rate or fixed project cost. A freelancer  is a one man company and you pay in actual, while the company includes the overhead cost like electricity,  payment for the employee and the profit.

If you are looking for cheap website design, you can use WordPress. Approximately 30% of all the websites on the internet today, have been developed on WordPress. WordPress, therefore, dominates the website arena substantially.  The reason behind the high-end popularity of WordPress in the website development arena can be attributed to:

  • It is free: WordPress is available free online. That allows you to invest your extra cash in good web hosting service.
  • This CMS is very user-friendly: Any staff member of the business can manage the maintenance of the company website on WordPress. He or she does not necessarily require having any HTML or other technical knowledge.
  • Regular CMS updates: WordPress regularly updates its software and the auto-update feature on, the CMS is automatically updated with the latest version.

Low cost eCommerce website design with WooCommerce

Are you familiar with WordPress as simply a blogging site? Well, it’s a great CMS (content management system) too. For any business, and especially if it’s an online store, WP makes a great choice, primarily for WooCommerce which is a free WordPress eCommerce plugin which does not charge a portion of your profit like Shopify. The interface is easy to understand, even a non coder like you can easily add new products, upload images and change description. Though you need a developer to integrate the payment gateways, you can work on the product prices, shipping rates, design shipping labels etc.

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Ecommerce Website Design


Why hire freelance WordPress Developer?

Though WordPress seems easy to the layman, but a WordPress developer is expert in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. These languages play an important role in converting your idea into technical features that can influence the customer experience and drive sales as the bottom line of every business site is lead generation, branding and conversion.

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Here’s how I can help

Wordpress Developer

I am a certified professional with an experience of about two decades almost! This makes me well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of today’s IT industry – it’s upcoming trends and requirements. The services that I provide my clients with include:

  • Developing the website perfectly per the client’s needs
  • Customizing the site that is relatable to the categories it is built to serve
  • Optimize the website to reach the targeted position in the SERP
  • Using SEO content as well as optimal digital marketing strategies to give the best marketing exposure

Additionally, post site building, I thrive to provide support for ongoing maintenance and enhancement too. A transparent methodology both while discussing and conducting business and the ability to meet deadlines are two of my strengths that clients harp upon. You can surf through the portfolio and go through my blogs before deciding upon availing my services.

The bottom line is that ‘nothing in this universe is perfect’. You can resolve them with extensive research and experimenting with the platform if you are a coder or hire a freelance developer. However, think twice before making changes in the core code. Although an open-source platform, one needs to be extra compatible with Magento’s coding environment first!